Creative Kids

Who, What, Why

Who We Are

Creative Kids Learning Centers, as it exists today, grew from quite modest beginnings. Our first Preschool opened its doors in September 1996 in a small portable on the back property of Colebrook United Church. The community embraced us, and as a result, our programs and locations have grown organically over time to meet the needs and demands of our growing city.

We currently have nine separate programs, 11 locations and employ approximately 150 Early Childhood Educators. We love what we do!

What We Do

We love children! We love watching them learn, grow, play, socialize, develop and flourish in all of our programs from newborn up to 12 years of age.

At Creative Kids, you will discover tailored programs that have been thoughtfully designed for your child’s precious early years. Working closely with parents through a happy, fun and unhurried atmosphere, we help develop an interest in learning.

Our mandate is to provide early learning skills, appropriate social skills, and to let each child explore, play and be as creative as they want to be in a safe, loving environment. Each day we look forward to helping all of our Creative Kids reach their maximum potential.

Why We Do It

Starting from the first day we opened our doors 22 years ago, Creative Kids has been 100% committed to quality educational childcare and Pre-Kindergarten programs. This commitment continues daily with quality facilities, programs, materials and staffing. We truly believe in forming a deep connection with each one of our families in all ten of our programs. Our mandate has always been to go “above and beyond” to help families feel welcome, comfortable, trusting and excited to attend any one of our educationally-based fun programs. Creative Kids truly believes in developing the whole child and this means daily planning for their physical, social, emotional and cognitive growth. We are committed to truly “Planting the Seed for Further Education”